Being a part of the Beyond Borders project was a great experience for me. Not only did it give me a platform to teach what I love but it helped me to reach out to a wider community of people. The project really brought out the best in all that were involved.
— Ahqib Hussain (Photographer & Workshop Facilitator)
The Beyond Borders project gave me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people. Imrana Mahmood, you helped break down some of the barriers. I hope we can break many more.
— Emma Afolabi (Participant)
The Beyond Borders project was groundbreaking in that it created a greater awareness of the value of an otherwise mintority group and their relevance in the socio/political/cultural landscape.
— Moriam Grillo (Artist & Workshop Facilitator)
Imrana has determination and strength, and I was impressed by her commitment to the project. She was highly motivated in bringing together all the neccessary elements to make the project a complete success.
— Peter Sanders (The Art of Integration - Photographer)
Imrana is inspired, driven by something greater and creating social change. Blazing a trail...
— Shabnam Shabazi (Artist & Mentor)
Glad to see someone promoting dialogue around arts, culture and society. The work carried out by Imrana Mahmood and her team has no doubt left a legacy for others to follow.
— Amar Azam (Freelance Journalist)
Cool to see so many students involved and engaged, many of whom doing this sort of thing for the very first time.
— Phil Dickson-Earle (Videographer & Teacher)
A great bringing together of creativity from across the whole community.
— Paul Jolly (Musician & Exec Producer 33Jazz)


It was a great event, full of positivity, creativity and authenticity. Hats off to you Imrana for providing a platform for Muslim women and encouraging them to explore their voice in a creative way.
— Umera Fatima (Poet)
Our visibility in the mainstream media is all too often limited to reductive and demeaning stereotypes. The Echoes of the Diaspora project created a much needed platform for Muslim women to tell their own stories and take control of their own narrative... there was much to learn for those who chose to listen.
— Rehana Faisal (Chair of Lantern)
echoesofdiaspora-1-c-106 (1).jpg